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This February was full of paranoid concerns over white children being forced to learn African American history.

The Memphis police beat Tyre Nichols to death while he was already handcuffed and being restrained.

The Memphis police beat Tyre Nichols to death.

(St. Paul) Hamline University’s free speech debacle. A masterpiece of Islamic art (which depicted the prophet) was shown in an art history class (with warning), and an Islamic student is deeply offended and hurt. The prof is immediately canned. The univ. pres. says the university stands for the principle of free inquiry, sure, unless it offends a student. Criticism rains down from around the globe.

Tom Emmer thought his firing range-fire Pelosi joke was pretty clever, even after her husband was attacked with a hammer the next day.

Minnesota nursing strike. Many nurses explain why they stay with the job despite appalling conditions in terms women in other abusive relationships can understand.

MN lawsuit arguing for the Constitutional rights of those under 21 to carry handguns in public.

The MN GOP nominee for Governor continues to use a Holocaust analogy to compare “oppressive” COVID restrictions to life under Nazis.

Incumbent MN Governor Tim Walz refuses to debate his opponent at the State Fair, and into the fall (only two debates total), as he is far ahead in polls and fund-raising.

A MN pharmacist declines to fill a woman’s prescription for emergency contraception, because of his religious beliefs. She must drive 200 miles in a snowstorm instead to get it filled. A jury rules he did nothing wrong.

The Becker School Board, wanting to avoid any awkward issues about trans students, tries to ban classroom discussion of any and all “divisive concepts.” It does not go over well.

Jensen 1

Jensen 1

MN GOP nominee for Gov. clarifies that his past, stated opposition to abortion EVEN IN CASES OF RAPE & INCEST never actually meant what those words clearly convey, and he’s sorry about the confusion.

GOP nominee for MN Lt. Gov. Matt Birk makes some appalling comments (including a “joke”) about how abortion = slavery, and women’s careerism is to blame for abortions.

Minneapolis banks realize they’ve done a shitty job of serving the black community, & work with an out-of-state black-owned bank to open a Mpls branch. (“Racial covenants” were discriminatory housing contracts banning black ownership.)

MN Dept. of Human Rights’ damning report on the Minneapolis Police Dept. misconduct also faults the city for not holding MPD accountable.

MN Dept. of Human Rights releases damning report on Minneapolis Police Dept.’s long pattern of flagrant racism & unnecessary use of force, 2010-2020.

Amir Locke, no knock warrants. As long as there are civilians legally armed for self-defense, and police executing no-knock warrants, innocent people will inevitably be shot and killed. Armed innocents respond instinctively to intruders; police respond instinctively to a gun.

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