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1.)  What kind of experience do you have?

I’ve always drawn and designed; in 1990, I began doing it to eat. My work has since appeared in hundreds of magazines, hundreds of books, eight years of St. Paul Pioneer Press political cartoons and illustrations, another two years of a Minneapolis Star Tribune serialized graphic novel, and four years of developing the graphic design arm of a long-term marketing campaign for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s sustainability program. My work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek International, and The Onion. It's been on the covers of books and magazines, in full-page ads and on phone apps. I deal directly with printers and any other third party questionable members of society you’d rather not associate with.         [back]


2.) How long will it take?

Graphic design, illustration, cartoons: usually you can have the completed work within a week of contacting me, sometimes much less, depending on availability. Animation: a very rough ballpark is one month for one minute of completed animation.          [back]


3.) What will it look like?
You can view relevant samples that might be similar to your own project on the
Animation, Illustration, Graphic Design and Cartoons pages.         [back]


4.) What's the process like?

You tell me everything you can about your project. I come up with some ideas and send some rough sketches. You say, “You’re on the right path, but I’m looking for something more like this.” I send some revised sketches. You say, “You’ve almost got it; can you combine the top from sketch 2 with the bottom from sketch 4?” I send a couple more versions. You say, “That’s it! Good God, man, it’s like you took a photograph inside my mind!” I get to work on the final. You see the final and say, “Looks great, but can you take the freckles off the girl?” I take the freckles off the girl. “Perfect!” We’re done. A toast!         [back]

5.) What's the cost?
Every project’s different. Please tell me as much as you can about your project, your time frame, your company, your goals and expectations for the project. If you have a budget in mind, mention that and I’ll tell you what I can deliver within that budget.

I know you want a quick, simple, dollar estimate, but unfortunately, I need to know as much as I can about your project first!


6.) Why should I hire you and not that guy?
I listen. I collaborate. I’m easy to work with. Your project isn't done until you say it is. I’m a creative visual thinker and problem solver. I’m reliable and have the experience. But really, it comes down to personal taste, whether or not you like my work, my look, my style. If you like the samples on this website, let’s dive in and get started!         [back]

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