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Banana Republic
(political satire / graphic novel)



“The team LOVES your work!… Looking forward to working with you on another project.”

Ron Herman, CEO, SionicMobile


“one of [our] partners liked your illustration so much that they want to get a framed poster version for their office! Can you please send a 300 dpi version of the illustration?"

Michael Matz, Managing Editor,

EPRI Journal

“You've nailed it my friend! It is exactly what I wanted! I think we have a perfect video now. Thank you for working with me on this.

Davide Formica, DONEnDONE


"we're really excited about this and thanks for the incredible turn-around."

Deborah Thomas, Publisher of FAIR/Extra!

"Exciting stuff Kirk, I like many of the changes you made! You’re awesome, thanks for all your hard work."

Gabrielle Gipson, Welcome Homes


"The video is hysterical!… Thanks again for all your work on this it, the video is seriously so good. We are all very excited!"

Leah Forgus,Marketing and Event Coordinator, Concerts For Kids


"The animation and scenes are all great.  The communication you've developed through the artwork is standout."

Joseph Molieri, Bread For the World

​"You can't know how many wonderful laughs and comments your cover has received! Thank you... I hope we work together again soon."

Cat Warren, Editor

Academe: Magazine of the AAUP

 “I love what you have done with this. As usual, better than I envisioned. Thanks for taking this feature to a new level!”

Michael Kuchta, AFSCME  


"You are one creative dude.  I love these."

Faramarz Vakili, Director of WE CONSERVE,UW-Madison



"balls-out bravado... well ahead of the curve"

– David Brauer,, Twin Cities daily


"a modern-day Jonathan Swift on crack."

 – Lydia Howell, host of KFAI radio's Catalyst


"Daily Show-worthy"

– Brian Lambert, The Rake, Twin Cities monthly


"Banana Republic is a bracingly funny wake-up call"

 – Twin Cities Daily Planet

"Kirk Anderson is an outrageously bold and talented cartoonist… [Banana Republic] entertained me hugely... a hilarious education in recent history."

– Howard Zinn, historian and author of A People's History of the United States


"sadly... would be funnier if it weren't so accurate." A-LIST

– City Pages


"groundbreaking graphic political commentary... multi-layered complexity... a scathing pictorial indictment"

– UE News

"Pungent, relevant, [and] a little crude"

– Politics in Minnesota



"Observing Anderson’s wit, his graphic genius, his satirical savagery, I laughed the silvery laughter of pure, unadulterated pleasure at beholding the symphonic beauty of his work, its visual distinction yoked to an intellectual assault on the issues of the day, a ramble engaging both eye and mind — cartooning at its most sublime."

— R.C. Harvey, The Comic News


at its most


— The Comic News

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