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DOJ's damning report on the Minneapolis Police Dept., documenting stunning abuse, racism and unnecessary use of force, free from reprimand or consequences.

E. Jean Carroll's lawsuit found Trump guilty of sexual harassment.

Tyre Nichols is beaten to death by Memphis police.

Tyre Nichols is beaten to death WHILE RESTRAINED AND HANDCUFFED.

This February was full of paranoid concerns over white children being forced to learn African American history. (Drawn with a Minnesota audience in mind, 17 of the 28 are important Minnesotans.)

Amir Locke, no knock warrants. As long as there are civilians legally armed for self-defense, and police executing no-knock warrants, innocent people will inevitably be shot and killed. Armed innocents respond instinctively to intruders; police respond instinctively to a gun.

Trump couldn't say anything about what would replace Obamacare, other than it would be "something terrific!" Beyond that, there were no plans.

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